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Who's that Pokémon? It's Bonsly!

Hi everyone, my name is Otashem. I've been looking at this site with my partner for a while and so now it's time for me to post too! My favourite Pokémon is Bonsly and I think I have a worthy collection:

There's some more pictures after the cut, along with some wants :) Enjoy~

I have quite a lot of bonsly stuff now all because of my sweetheart. I still have a few bits and pieces left to collect though!

Bear in mind I'm not sure of the linguo attached to my baby Bonslys. I don't know if it's a genuine Japanese gamehouse arcade triple win UFO catcher exclusive pokedoll prize package deluxe dub edition remix 2... sorry :P

The first Bonsly plush I ever got!

This one has flat bubblies o.o; that are bent @@; I still love him though!

Yay for happy Bonsly! Even though all of them are happy really and just regulating their little body's fluid levels~

My favouritest softiest cudlliest Bonsly cushion made by my betrothed! I love my Bonsly so much! My partner is sooooo talented!

The Bonsly Bros! I hereby declare figure time. I was really happy because these two actually look different. The one on the right's puddle is shiny and he's a darker colour. The other is matte and lighter so it's like they're different figures! I LOVE BOTTLECAPS.

Oh, Bonsly. USO cute. I just HACHI to cuddle you.


The tree-o. Get it?

This is the tall ball Bonsly. He's awesome.

My mobile phone charm. I think he's so adorable. so chubby and everything @.@

Finally, a pin, a medallion and a... plastic awesome disk thingy.

Oh yeah, and my flats! A playing card and a stamp and some stickies. That other pokemon is psuedo Bonsly. Get it? Psuedo? Sudo? No? Okay, nevermind. Oh yes, and this is the super-de-duper secret Bonsly collectable that I have not seen anywhere but Y!J one time. It sailed all the way from Japan over the ocean and took near three months to arrive (no joke!) and it is...


A light-up Bonsly Pokéball keyring! Awesomenesssss!

So yes, that's it for Bonsly. I'm sure you're bored to tears and your bandwidth has commited suicide, but here's some other tidbits I have laying around:

Yep. Those Pikas are herpin' and derpin'. but they're very, very old so it's ok. The Jigglypuff chain charm flashes red when you tap it lightly too.

You better believe I picked this baby up for 99p at my local 99p store. Every so often they get gems in there... and sometimes, like this, they get full on diamonds and pearls. Long since sold out though T^T

Yay! That's my collection of Bonsly and Pokéstuff. I have some DVDs too, but just run-of-the-mill walmart DVDs and they're in my suitcase right now... sorry. Okay, so there's also some things I want. Naturally, I want all Bonsly stuff that isn't here! Plushies, figures, stickers, everything. There are a couple of smiley plushies, I'd love to get those. There's also something else I want, but it's really rare and to do with my second favourite Poképal. I wonder if anybody has one they're willing to let go of...?

CORRRRPHIIIISHIOOO! I love him. So amazing *¬*

That's all folks! See you around here ^__^
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