cluw (cluw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini collection update

Haven't posted in some time!
So I got some stuff in mail today, to fill my small Panpour collection~ :3

Panpour White collection cards from a friend (normal and rev holo) and attack Panpour kid from eternal_rena! Thanks~
I also bought some boosters and pulled out two cards of some of my favorite Pokemons, Cobalion holo and Scolipede rev holo!

And I also got this Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan/Evolution figure. The Glaceon is too small for his peg, so he keeps felling on his face all the time. ): And the paint job on him is pretty poor lol. But I like it! (Still no Dialga Zukan ;_;)
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