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Community Suggestion Box

Want to see something mentioned in the next modpost rules reminder?  Have an idea for a new tutorial or contest?  Think one of our rules could use updating?  This post is where you can leave all of your general suggestions for the community moderators.

All suggestions are open to public discussion. We take all suggestions very seriously, and in return we expect our members to take this post seriously as well.  Civil debate is encourged but any inappropriate, disrepectful, or otherwise "trolling" comments will be deleted and the member banned from participating at the moderators' discretion.

***This is NOT the place for calling out problem members and discussing specific posts - please take those concerns to the REPORT A PROBLEM area where they can be handled privately***

Before making a suggestion, please remember the following:

  • Read through previous comments and make sure your idea has not already been suggested.  Repeat suggestions will be screened/deleted with or without warning to ensure all relevant discussion occurs in one place.

  • Keep all suggestions clear, concise, and well thought out.  Please carefully consider your idea before posting - members should not be spamming this post with spur of the moment ideas every other day.

  • Your suggestion will be open for public discussion and some members may respectfully disagree with you.  If you do not want your suggestion to be publicly debated, it is perfectly fine to PM or email a mod with your idea instead.

  • Some ideas are unfortunately not up for discussion because the mod team has already decided it will not be implemented at this time.  If this is the case, a moderator will reply explaining why and replies will be screened/frozen.

If you have read the above, please go ahead and leave a comment.  Thank you all for your contributions to the community!

UPDATE 6/26/13: The comments area is rather cluttered so all suggestions that were already implemented, suggestions that we conclusively decided not to implement at this time, as well as a few threads that were just questions to the mod team, have been screened to save space.  Thanks all for your input :D  Keep those suggestions coming!!

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