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Reminder Varjak_Paw's weeding sale!

This is a reminder that my auction is ending tomorrow 10/05/2011 Wednesday @ 08:00 (20:00) PST!

The notice from Livejournal says that  it will be scheduled for maintenance for 3 hours beginning at 3:30 PM PST meaning it should be done around 6:30 PST.  You should have two and a half hours to bid, so I am not concerned about you guys not having enough time to bid :) If something should happen, we'll deal with it as it comes and you can check the main thread for details! Sniping rules apply!

A LOT of my stuff is still set at very low prices! Go check out my thread, I know a few of you collectors have been pinning for that Jakks Suicune figure!

Click here to take me to this crazy auction!

Hope you find what you're looking for and give my stuff a good home :)

<3 Varjak Paw!

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