illumeee (illumeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gauging interest on Jolteon Jakks

Hello community!

I have two Jolteon Jakks figures, and even though I love them both I'm thinking about selling one because I'm going to China for two months and could use all the extra money I can get. Since it's pretty rare and I don't really see the reason to have 2 anymore I've decided to sell at least one. Perhaps the second one aswell, depending on my desperation for cash in 2 weeks lol

This picture is not mine! Found it on google. If it's yours let me know :)
I will ofcourse post a picture of the original figure when it's going up for bids or straight sale.

Which brings me to my question, bids or straight sale? I have a minimum I'm willing to accept, namely what I paid for it myself. However I'm not sure if it's wiser to put it up for bids A: so everyone gets a chance and B: I might end up with a better price for me :)
Straight sale however is quick and easy and I would want it sold pretty fast.

If anyone has any input? I'd appreciate it!
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