Josh ~ 水ポケモン (joshpho) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Josh ~ 水ポケモン

Hello Pkmncollectors! Just a wants list update from me. I've added a few pics to make this post less boring xD
  • I'm still searching and very interested in the Mudkip Zukan Piece. If you have one, please contact me!
I have a few new things new things too...
  • Flygon Zukan piece:

  • Torchic line Zukan or just the Blaziken and Torchic Zukan pieces:
  • Jumpluff Zukan Mint, or used:

  • Any R/S/E Zukan (darkred base) Mint, used or broken.
As always, I am also looking for any Zukan bases and pegs!

Thank as always everyone! Have a great day~
Tags: blaziken, mudkip, torchic, zukan
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