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Gets, Price Checks, Wants, and Sales

Hello everyone, It has been awhile since I have posted. I hope you are all doing well. Since my last update I have been focusing more on weeding my collection than expanding, however, I did pick up 2 new collection pieces.

- Gets -

1. Articuno Plush (UFO Bootleg..?)
I found this little guy while on eBay one night last month. Being an Articuno fan, I had to snatch it up. When I got it, I noticed it looked awfully similar to the UFO plush, except it does not has the yellow string to hang it from.

I compared the two plush in the image below. I think it is safe to say that it is in fact the bootleg version. I love this little guy. =) To all my Arty fans, I believe if you search for Articuno plush on eBay there are quite a few on there. =)

2. Shiny Umbreon Crochet
Kind of a bad picture, but my girlfriend found a pattern online and made me this. =) She did an amazing job on the eyes especially. I am not sure where she got the pattern, so to whomever posted it, I give you your dues. =)

- Price Checks -

Alright, A few price checks. I recently went through an old box of pokemon stuff and found some Action Flips "Premier Edition" I am just wondering how much these would sell for? Also, I have TOPPS Cards for Pokemon The First Movie as well as Pikachu's Vacation. If anyone has any information on these or if you are interested please let me know. They are listed in my sales, but not currently for sale.

- Wants -

As usual, I am in search of a Articuno Bell Plush. I know these are rare, but if anyone is willing to sell, I am sure we could work something out.

- Shameless Sales Plug -

Alright, I have finally set up my sales page. I am working on adding a few new things, but for right now it is good enough to post. In order to get to my sales, simply click my username and click the sales tab. =) Sales permission plug can be found there.

That's all for now.

Take care everyone,
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