gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

awesome get!

i rarely do collection updates since all my stuff is boxed at the moment...

but this is worth it!

here's a hint:

some of you more experienced collectors would have guessed it right away.
but if you didn't...

here he is!

that's right! the shinning charizard hasbro figure

iv'e been after him ever since i first joined the community. i really want to refrain from the word "grail" since i want to save that towards a more meaningful (and rarer) figure. but to give you an idea, i was planning to spend $400 for him.

story time!

i was just about to come to the community to ask for help with obtaining this rare figure, but since i'm lazy i didn't post anything about it for weeks.

but one day while looking my routine of looking at new charizard figures on ebay (yes i was actually looking for him), i saw this guy sitting with no bids. you can imagine my surprise (i stared for about 3 minutes) and excitement when i layed eyes on this gorgeous blue dragon!

i quickly looked at my funds and saw that i had about $150, i cringed knowing that he could go for a lot more...

so i kept quiet (sorry guys, i can be greedy at times), and waited to see how far he was going to go for. days passed and no bids were placed on him, i seriously couldn't believe my luck.

well long story short, i put in a $90 bid and i won him with no competition for $9.00!!!

ah, talk about getting lucky!

here are more pics of my beautiful shinning char:

he is slightly scuffed, but i really don't care! (plus i think i can clean him a bit)

oh! and group pic with the rest of my shinning hasbro figures

look at how they glisten!

now a little bit of background story on my desire to own this figure...

we all love charizard, that goes without saying.
i would definitely buy this figure if i saw it, but my price range would have been a lot smaller.

no my friends, the reason i wanted this figure so much is because...

i had a chance at him before...

yes the figure on the left was my first shinning charizard, or my old best friend's for that matter.
she bought it from the website of pokemon center NYC (way back when), and she loved the crap out of that figure.

well years went by and we stopped talking (i think we fought about something, i don't really remember) and she moved away.
i don't know how, but her charizard ended up at my house and i decided to keep it as a memento.

it's a miracle i managed to keep it for so long, but as you can see my childhood wasn't too kind on him.

maybe one day i'll spruce him up and make him look presentable, but until then he'll just sit with the rest of my old figures that i kept from the old days.

i hope you guys enjoy my little collection update, i do plan on making a much bigger one once i get some shelves/room for my collection.

besides that, all the packages from the battle dice GA have been sent out, and i'd like to take this time to apologize for the delay. i had a lot of school stuff to take care of, and having a new job is definitely not helping out.

well till next time, have a great time finding rare merch for yourself!
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