dragonheir148 (dragonheir148) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about Prices

Not sure if this is allowed, seeing as questions about the Pokedoll stock in Epcot/New York/Etc. aren't allowed anymore.

Can anyone give me the price information on Pokedolls at Epcot or Nintendo World? 
I lent my friend $20 a few days ago to pick me up a Pokedoll at Epcot, and I'm wondering if it was too much/not enough.  Also, I'm going to NYC next summer and I need to know the price as well so I can buy a bunch of Pokedolls. xD
Of course, I mean the regular Pokedolls, not the DX prices.  But if you could give me the DX price as well, that would be helpful, as I might consider buying one next summer. c:
thanks in advance!
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