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Custom Pokemon Charms

Well here they are my first try at Shrinky Dinks and I didn't catch the house on fire. Whoot! These things were so cool in the oven I thought that Moltres was going to be ruined, but I was wrong. When I opened the oven door it had flipped all the way over while baking so I thought the design might have gotten messed up, but it didn't so I was very relieved.

I will now be taking comissions for these little guys. I will do customs of any pokemon eating any treat as well as go ahead and start taking christmas themed orders as well. I would take halloween, but I don't think they would get to you before halloween. However if you don't care if it will get to you before then or not I will totally do halloween themed ones as well.

Pre-mades: $5 each or 3 for $12
Shiny Pre-mades: $6 each or 3 for $15
Customs: $8

Pre-mades: Shrinky Dink design that has already previously been made.
Shiny Pre-mades: Shiny version of a design that has already been made or if you order a custom and also want it made in shiny as well.
Custom: Any pokemon with any treat.

1. I only accept paypal.
2. Every order slot can have up to 3 customs and as many pre-mades as wanted.
3. Shipping and paypal fee's are $1.80 for up to 3 shrinky dinks. Examples - 1 to 3 = $1.80 4 to 6 = $3.60 etc.
- so that they can be packages properly
4. All orders will be shipped out at the same time.
5. I will be getting in the cellphone straps for these charms on the 19th so that is when the first shippment will happen. Unless you do not want the strap in which case let me know. ; )

1. emii234 - jolteon, umbreon, espeon
2. nasija - litwick

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