cluw (cluw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New additions to my collection!

Hey again, I got some new stuff in the last three days~
My Panpour collection is getting bigger pretty fast and I'm quite happy about it!

Got these Emerging Powers Panpour cards from eBay, the seller was very nice and sent me some extra cards. :'D
There's normal and rev holo. I really like the style of BW rev holos!

This is awesome glitter stamp with Panpour on it! Got it from Floaroma Pokemart, I really like it and they shipped it really fast. :o
I want to use it, but I also want to keep it mint. :'D I really glad I got it! It was smaller than I thought, but it makes it even cuter!

Now onto some Dialga stuffs!
I got the Dialga Lv. X from a friend and the Dialga/Palkia tissue pack from fizzycat! Thanks, the tissue pack is really neat!

Here's some stuff I got from kyogres! Omanyte Blok, Omanyte figure (please someone tell me what it is!) and Tomy Hoothoot keychain! I love them all very much.
And I'm afraid I'm going to start collect Omanyte/Omastar soon, it's so cuuuuute. ;u;

This fuzzy Hasbro Hoothoot is also from kyogres, I brought it to school and few my friends went crazy over it. xD My classmates can't believe I turn 18 on next monday because I bring my Pokemon stuff to school sometimes. :'D

Last but not least, MIP Pinsir dice from kyogres! It's very neat, thanks!

I also have some wants!

I got the pic from Google, sorry if it's your pic!

I'm looking to get some Pokemon Tales books! In either English or Japanese. I really want the one with charmander but I would love to get any of them, they look so cute! ;u;
Please let me know if you are selling any Pokemon Tales books!
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