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penguin get!

Hey guys!

Something arrived in the mail today. Something I've been eyeballing since the start of this year, and never managed to spot on Y!J again after the first time I saw it listed there.

It's the Ganbare Pochama plush! (With a Plup Pokedoll for size comparison).
It is one of the cutest Piplup plush in my opinion - exaggeratedly plump and swollen beaklips, a pleading look, large flipperfeet, and one of the cutest hang tags ever:

It's the biggest Ganbare item I think, and I'm still missing some items to complete my Ganbare collection (it's amazingly extensive). I ordered one of the figurines online but it got lost in the mail. =/ Although I was partially refunded, I did feel kinda bummed, and this large huggable Pochama certainly helped in cheering me up, heh! =D

This is my Pochama plush collection (sans the 1/1 Plup, who was showering at the time of the photoshoot). It's a humble collection, and I'm mighty picky with my plush selections due to spatial constraints, but I'm always excited to slowly expand my Plup cove!

In other news, I'm clearing my sales post, and this will be my final sales post before I consolidate everything leftover and combine them with some items I saved for a lot I intend to post on eBay real soon. Prices have been slashed, and items have been added, with a new Pikachu lot up for grabs, so click for some great deals before the items all go into the lot!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!
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