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Hobbystore "trading chess" pieces auction/ 1 1/2 day GA!

EDIT 10/8:
NEW GA~ ! Ends at 7:30 EST / 4:30 PST on October 9th, so get those bids in there! Click the pic to be teleported by my abra accomplices.

Hey guys.
Due to illness and workload last weekend, I was unable to make it when the figures came in. This weekend was slim pickin's, but if anyone is interested in Male trainer (w/ yellow cap), treecko, mudkip, torchic, manectric, tauros, seviper, misty, or kirlia, let me know! I'm here for my birthday this weekend so I have very little planned in the way of obligation.

The ones I figured you all would be most interested in, I picked up.
So today we have misty, haunter, and banette up for auction! The first two start at $6, and banette at $10 (only one, hesitant to let it go) with $1 bid increments. Shipping is not included.
Bidding ends October 8th at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST!

Sorry for the cell phone pic.

EDIT: Does anyone have any info on this plush? It's the cutest thiiiiing. I wan' it.

Tags: auction, banette, bulbasaur, butterfree, chikorita, donphan, golbat, group auction, gyarados, haunter, meowth, oddish, people, plush, poliwhirl, snorlax, togepi, wanted
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