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Heeeey guys! Long time no post! :D I think the last time I posted was before my summer trip to NYC, and I just realized I never posted about my new loot from the trip! D: I also have some new gets from the community and Anime Weekend Atlanta to post about, so.... LET'S GET STARTED, YA'LL. <3

ALLRIGHTY. First- New York City goodies and photos GALORE.

So yeah,  thalnos8888 and I went on our adventure to NYC... and our first trip to the Nintendo World Store! *__* It was.... epic, to say the least (we stayed in NJ for the trip, but went into the city three times- and we went to the Nintendo store at least once each of those days, lol XD). How about some glorious pictures? Words cannot fully describe the awesomeness that is the Nintendo World Store.

Ok, so, it's actually not that impressive from the outside. BUT ITS WHATS INSIDE THAT COUNTS.

Ah, now THAT'S cool. This is actually on the stairs heading up into the Mario-centric area, but I won't clog my post with all of those pictures. Let's focus on downstairs- THE POKEMON AREA, AWW YEAH.

*_* Glorious.

This little guy is there to greet you at the door. Precious.

*____* Uh, yeah, one of those definitely came home with me. <3 I still don't know how it fit in my carry on bag (along with a DX Piplup, too! It was a packing miracle.)



AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... yeah I'm done. xD I would have taken more pictures but the number of people in the area kept growing and growing so I had to stop. :( BUT ITS OK, 'cause my boyfriend and I brought back like half of their stock with us to Georgia, so it's all good. XD TIME TO SHOW OFF TEH EPIC LOOTS. <3

Yayayayayayay. Ok, I didn't really get -that- much, but I do really love what I got. <3 DX Pika, DX Piplup (SO SOFT), Pokecen Panpour, Emolga, and Pignite (EEEEEEEEE), and pokedoll Shaymin!! (Annd... Paratroopa plush. Annnd Gold Saw Nendoroid figure. She was bought from Forbidden Planet in NYC, so she still counts as trip loot, too! :P) ((Also, please ignore the mess of gray stuff on the table, I was in the middle of making armor for my Anime Weekend Atlanta cosplay when I took these pictures, so, yeah... XD)) GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS STUFF. *_* bought more pokedolls than I did, mostly legendaries (Arceus, Dialga, etc), and multiple giratinas. xD When we got back from shopping, we visited his grandmother in NJ, and she liked my plushies way more 'cause they were way cuter, lol. (And Emolga and Piplup were particularly popular with both her and my mother, lol!) POKE-JOY ALL AROUND, YA'LL.<3

On to recent gets! I've been buying way too much stuff recently... and now I get to subject you guys to an overload of pictures! :D Yaaay, haha. .... Ok, not really an overload. Here's a few.

Ok first, we've been hitting up goodwill more often recently (mostly looking for cosplay-related items), and we've been wonderfully successful in acquiring some pokemon goodies, too! Like these guys for instance...

<3 <3 <3 Giant toy factory Shaymin and STILL WORKING light up and talking Hasbro pikachu!! AHHHHH. I was so excited to find that Pikachu 'cause I always wanted one but never got around to getting one... and here I found it for $1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. AHAHAH YAY. And it still works and its adooooorable! And then my boyfriend found the giant shaymin and bought it for me. :D WHY WOULD SOMEONE GIVE THIS AWAY. AHHH ITS AMAZING. (Well, after a trip into the washing machine, that is. :P) Its big and fluffy and huggable and-

I accidentally a collection make. :(  Ok ok, I won't really be persuing these guys collection-wise, but ahmahgawd, they're all so fluffy soft. <3

"BUT, KATIE," you're saying, "WHERE ARE ALL YOUR FIRE TYPES (save for pignite)? I THOUGHT THATS WHAT YOU COLLECTED. YOUR POSTS MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL." I know, I know. I've been a little lacking in the fire-themed updates recentl- AND OMG WHATS THAT?!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. This derptastic 'zard is of course a Paki Paki charizard! <3 He has wire in him so he can move around and be posed and is SO ADORABLE AND THAT DERPY FACE IS JUST UGH I CAN'T EVEN. SO MUCH LOVE. (Thank you SOOO much for selling him, [info]katcheecricket! :3 I really, really adore this little guy.)

And he made a new friend, too! I was lucky to find a Hasbro electronic 'zard on ebay, and he's MAGNIFICENT. You push on his tail and its mouth opens and lights up and it RAWRS and its pretty badass.

They're too cool for school.

BUT WAIT. ANOTHER WILD CHARIZARD POPPED UP ON EBAY AND MADE ITS WAY TO MY HOUSE. WHAT COULD IT BE. ((All following pictures were taken after the others, so they're on my desk now, lols.))

SUPER ACTION GINORMOUS 'ZARD. YEEEES. And it totally works and is awesome. When you turn it on, it starts to (slowly and awkwardly) move forward while flapping its wings, swishing its tail (which lights up), and opening and closing its mouth (which also lights up). Its pretty fabulous.

RAWR. .... failed in-motion picture. But you can see how the tail and mouth light up. Pretty damn awesome.

OK SO ONE MORE UPDATE TYPE THING.... ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA. It was this last weekend and it was faaaantastic. I bought way too much stuff, ya'll. XD Mostly tons of Tepig-themed goodies! <3 (I think its fair to announce that I'm turning into a total Tepig collector now. NOW I COLLECT TWO STARTERS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. My wallet is weeping already.) Anyway, I won't really go into detail of all my non-pokemon shenanigans from the convention and I'll instead just show you all my phat loot! <3

LOVE THESE GUYS. AHH. THEIR HEADS. SO BIG. How can you not love them. I was gonna only buy one of them but I couldn't decide which one so... I just bought both. xD Also showing my new MPC Pignite (it was only $15 at the con!), and some various figures for my side Dialga and bird-pokemon collections. :D (The chatot is really cool, I thought it was a Tomy when I bought it, but its wings can move! O_O Waaaay too cute to even comprehend.)

Tepig-line plamo set! I'm super thrilled to finally have these, and I totally put them together as soon as I got home from the con, lol. (Ugh, those stickers. I think I may go back and paint the details on later, like most people have mentioned doing, lol. But I still love them!)


TEPIG BACKPACK YES YES YES (being held up by grumpy Jakks plush. Now he has a reason to be grumpy, lol.) I finally found it. FINALLY. He's super freaking soft and super freaking cuddly (for a backpack) and I love him more than like anything. xD Like seriously. I saw him on ebay and I was like, eh, he's cute but expensive... but then I held him at the con and was like HOLY CRAP GRAIL I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I NEEDED IN MY LIFE. (And its ears have wires in them to hold them up and pose. Cuuuuuute!)

....Ok. I think that's enough pictures and stuff for this post. I haven't posted in so long I HAD TO MAKE IT GOOD.
(ALSO- I just totally realized I passed my 1 year PKMN Collector's anniversary on Sept 21st. YAY TO ME. :D)

Anyway... I'll be back next week with some AUCTIONS AND CROCHET COMMISSIONS (and probably some new gets), so stay tuned for that! :3

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