Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Thought I'd do a mini update! I got a couple Jakks items recently, but here are some Japanese items I've gotten first!

Zuruggu With You badge is super cute~ And a tiny playset figure that is also cute! And had to get this little metal keychain thing, considering it has two of my collected Pokemon on it!

Aaaah I got this guy a while ago, I was overjoyed when I spotted him on the shelf!! He is so precious and cute, I adore him. :D

Haha this guy is so dopey, I love him. He's the Pop n Battle figure.

THIS GUY I had delayed in getting for so long... because he was in a playset and I never felt like paying the price haha. @_@ But then I had some anxiety about WHAT IF HE GETS RARE AND I'LL NEVER GET HIM... and therefore went and finally got him.

Can always count on Jakks for feets. :D

That said, if anyone wants to make an offer to take this off my hands, feel free! It's only missing the Swinub of course.

Also, a quick want!!!

I very desperately need the Piloswine from this Korean eraser figure series! There was a post about how these are in Sanrio stores, so I hope some members have some lying around!! Please let me know if you have one or spot any, any color is fine. Thank you!
Tags: jakks, pansage, scraggy, swinub, wanted
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