Prinsuuuu (lucklessprince) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super Friendly GA Reminder + Sneasel Wants

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to post a GA reminder, but I thought that a GA reminder post by itself would be a bit plain so I guess I'll post a wants too :3
First and most importantly however, is the GA that myself and wildtentacruel are hosting.

Click the picture or go here to go to the original post!
It seems as though we've got some pretty stiff competition bidding against us so please put in your bids so that we can win! There are also a bunch of plushies with no starting bids on them! The auction ends in 6 hours so get in there and bid, bid, bid! x3

Annddd...I want me some new Sneasel Merch! It's about time I go back on the prowl to increase my sneasel collection x3 I'll take Weavile merch too, but it's not as prioritized :3

[Here are just a few wants to name.]
Sneasel/Weavile Pan stickers!
Sneasel Pokemon Time: Candy Tin, Bookmark, Clearfile
Weavile chou gett [less of a priority]
Weavile retsuden stamper/stickers
Sneasel swing chain <333

And any other sneasel/Weavile stuff you guys have got to show me [that I don't already have haha].  Sneasel stuffs are more luff though <3 And a few things about my wants, I don't collect TCGs and I'm not really looking for those stickers that come out of the Diamond Pearl Sticker/ Sticker album stickers.  If you've got pan, restudan, or amada stickers though, I'll gladly take those off your hands!  So show me all your sneasel! and some of your weavile! :3

Annndd....That's it!  Thanks for Reading! x3
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