vepsmin (vepsmin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a friendly offers reminder + Guestion about NYC

I'll have to close the offers for this Finnish 2001 Hoothoot lemonade etiquette tomorrow or Monday morning (depending how the offers go on) as I'm leaving to NYC at Monday afternoon  = )  (very sorry that I didn't put this reminder earlier >_<)

Till that you still have time to offer, click this to be transported to the original offers post

Also, as I said I'm leaving for a short trip to NYC as my autumn vacation began <3 

Of cource I know there are plenty of Toys' R Us and the famous Nintendo World for Pokemerch hunting, but are there any other places I should stop by?
Winky: I'm on a hunt for the rest of the eeveelution jakks (and other vee stuff as well) I'm missing: Espeon, Eevee and Umbreon (I have seen Toys R Us selling them in packages with 3 other Pokemon jakks but do they sell them individually anywhere anymore?) .. I'm also missing Jolteon and Flareon but they seem to be impossible to find in stores anymore =(

Tags: hoothoot
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