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Update! I Love Pikachu Plush Pre-order Round 2!

Hey there.
For those who participated in my previous round of pre-orders, just to let you know I've got them all pre-orders 100% except for zweillous, I'm sorry they're only bringing in maximum 2 (I managed to order only 1 - For Korth_dono). There was only one problem on my part. The MPC with Rufflet is arriving in January and not December. But the MPC with serperior is arriving in December and not january. Sorry I got it mixed up. Any combined shipping still is valid even if they're 2 months apart due to my mistake.
But I went to the store and I've got great news! They're bringing in the second set of I Love Pikachu Plushies. So let's get down to business:

Just to update on Round 1 I <3 Pikachu Cushion/Plushies:
Which were...

As I've said the last time those which were previously ordered will be arriving end of this month. But if anyone still wants them, I can still try to get them when they come in, although pre-order is not possible (meaning I will have to go on the shop and grab it off the shelves, so I will only collect payment after I've confirmed it), but you can express your interest here.
Price: Clip on pouch (Left) - $28 (w/o Shipping) each
Cushion (Right) - $50 w/o shipping

Now for the second round - I <3 Pikachu Plush keychain and DX Plush

Price: Keychain Plush - $22.50 SHIPPED, $21 for an additional one each
DX Plush: $47 w/o Shipping
  • Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11
  • Shipping: I ship from Singapore. Also note that I try my best to ship out within 1 week of purchase.
  • I will usually ship in bubble mailers unless its too huge to fit in it
    (But MPC plush/Mini keychain plush are quite small, but definitely not the DX Plushies)
  • Note I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages, please pay for Insurance if you are concerned about it.
  • Payment: I accept Paypal ONLY.
  • Prices: All prices are in USD and do not include material and other fees.
  • I will not sell to anyone who is banned on Pokemon Collectors
  • For this pickup, there will be both one and two payment items:
  • Mini Plush: One Payment -  Price Indicated (Inclusive of shipping) + Materials (Bigger Plushies will cost more) + Fees
  • Others: 2 Payment - First payment: Price indicated + fees. Second Payment: Shipping + Material + fees
  • You will have to pay me upon requesting for a pickup as I will be
    pre-ordering it and paying for it upfront. (I will accept payment plans
    on a case by case basis, but only up to a maximum of 2 weeks)

Price: Keychain Plush - $22.50 SHIPPED, $21 for an additional one each
DX Plush: $47 w/o Shipping

Well, that's it just a random sales plug - I have updated it with Hail Blizzard cards and some Kids. Take a look!
Have a good day everyone

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