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Custom stickers open!

Hello everyone!
I'm posting my stickers again!
There are only a limited amount of slots available for custom designs.
And there's a sale on selected designs! There are some new designs available, including N, Vanillite, other trainers and more!
There's info under the cut (if it works!) !! c:

Here's all the stuff about sales first!
Granted sales permission on 9/3/11 by dakajojo!
Sales disclaimer:
 Prices are in USD
I ship from the UK and will ship anywhere that Royal Mail does.
Prices for shipping stickers:-
Up to 18 individual Squares OR 6 Round OR 3 sheets (or any combination):-
                UK shipping - $1.30 (80p)
                EU shipping - $1.45
                Rest of World shipping - $1.60
(The price slightly increases when sending more than the above amounts, don't hesitate to ask for a quote!)
Stickers will be sent via Royal Mail, but you can pay for alternative shipping if you wish.
They are sent in an A7 paper envelope (with a ditto on the back!) so be aware they are small envelopes.
(I can offer bubble envelopes but the price drastically increases)
I am not responsible for any missing post, however I have never experienced this with my stickers.
I can hold for 24 hours!
I'm a quick shipper!
Estimated delivery times are 1-2 days for UK, 3-5 for EU and 5-7 for Rest of World.
Stickers and other customs are not open for haggling, I'm afraid. However, you may recieve a discount on large orders!
Paypal only~
Any printing errors are not my fault, they are up to the company. I am going to attempt to make sure all my images are coated CYMK from now on, as I am fed up of getting incorrect colouring. Their software is a little sticky to work with, so please be aware of this before ordering. Any errored stickers are highlighted in my stock lists with an asterisk (*).

Info about the stickers
My stickers are made of high quality, durable vinyl, glossy adhesive paper and are best on flat, plastic or metal surfaces, not recommended for curved surfaces or surfaces that rub against rough materials constantly. (I have them all over my laptop, portable hdd, 3DS, DSlite, phone, laptop and I know people who bought them like to decorate their DSs, notebooks and stuff!)
The images are all drawn by myself!
They come in small square (0.8 inches squared), sheets of 6 small squares and large round (1.5 inches diameter).

Size comparison:

Square examples

Round examples

Sheets examples

Each individual square sticker: $0.60
Each individual round sticker: $1
Each premade sheet: $2.40

Sale prices...

Each individual square sticker: $0.45
Each individual round sticker: $0.80
Each premade sheet: $1.90

        (Password? stickers)

Information about custom orders that you must read before ordering!
Custom orders must be paid for before I draw your image.
If you dont plan to make a custom order, do not reply to the thread. You can make your own comment with any questions, though!
You can ask for a Pokémon or anything else you want! Consider the size of the sticker when asking for detailed images.
When asking for anything, please consider, can the Pokémon be drawn face on easily? If not, we could work out an alternative!
They take up to a month to complete. Depending on the amount of drawings I have to make, and then the 2-3 weeks it takes to get them printed and sent to me.
Custom orders are no extra!
You will recieve an image before I send anything! If you prefer to be contacted by email, let me know!
You can see my art style here: my deviantART gallery!

I am currently only taking a specific amount of orders for custom.

4 Custom sheet slots - potentially full! (awaiting payment, for those who wish to wait)

1) Kneesocks
2) Fizzycat
3) Orangegarchomp
4) Okapifeathers

38 Custom round stickers.

Thank you for reading! Ask any questions you want! c:

Tags: bidoof, blitzle, bouffalant, bulbasaur, buneary, caterpie, charizard, charmander, clefairy, custom, darumaka, jigglypuff, joltik, larvitar, leafeon, litwick, luxray, magnemite, mareep, sales, scolipede, scraggy, slowpoke, snivy, solosis, spiritomb, squirtle, swadloon, tepig
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