Tommy Pappas (kenai3000) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tommy Pappas

Collection Update #16

I got some more stuff lately, let's see what I got

I got 3 new Jakks plushies. Pansage & Woobat were bought today at Target (yes finally B/W series 2 hits my city.), and Togekiss was bought from sorcererhuntres

Yesterday I got the Auldey release of the Tomy Series 2 Raichu model kit from ebay. My close friend & I put him together.

I also got today from gabitzzle's GA the Tomy Series 2 Charizard model kit.

I will update this once Charizard is fully built.
Tags: charizard, jakks, pansage, raichu, togekiss, tomy, woobat
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