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Introduction post

- Hello! Amanda here :D I've been a lurker for a while (since introduced to here at the end of the summer and have been a well addict since then) You might have seen me buying some things or bidding before! No? :'D .. thats okay too. Now I'm finally going to introduce myself to the community! I was going to wait until my shelves and stuff were done to post my collection neatly, ;o; but thats probably not going to happen soon and I'd like to get it out there - along with a major want! So here is my introduction + collection + want post x:
Please let me know if I've set this up wrong like with the cut >_> this is my first time posting here XD

First off, There is one pokemon I collect as a main. >O> Can you guess who that is? XD Dragonite! I love this dragon so much <333
+W+ He's so freaking cute and derpy ;o; So far this is my dragonite collection. To the right is my big 3ft tall dragonite made by the talented punkspacewafers. You'll notice Im really only into collecting plushies and figures ;o; instead of flats and such. But I need a dragonite pokedoll!!

Dragonite family, with added Dratini and my one Dragonair merch XD

My cute Pokemon cafe corner ! Lovely cookie jar from my best friend who brought it back from japan for me! It had delicious monkey cookies in it X: . XD

My pokemon musical peeps! >O< I would like to thank Sunyshore Pokemart for supplying me with most of the above two photos and some of the pokedolls later. I was able to purchase half of my collection thanks to <3

Halloween! yay! +W+ One of the things I really want to get into in my pokemon collection is the holiday pokemon! Halloween and Christmas plushies! :D yay! I love how cute Axew is ;o; I may or may not have a secret collection growing for him. XD

X: bootleg corner.   >> bootlegs are bad. But I still love them <3 Most of them were purchased before I knew they were going to be bootlegs

Every thing else! :D You can see I love me some gallade, snorlax. <3 and Lickilicky. He makes me laugh XD
ALSO whooooaaaa. Took this photos this morning and when I checked before posting this, I had a new arrival!
I was so happy to get this ;o; it was a custom plush from ebay I was so lucky to win. Loveee <3

Dragonite. Pillow. pet. <3 XD

But yeah. That's it for the collection :D! It's still growing. Thanks to everyone I've gotten products from so far! Go dragonites! >:O

More about me? Well, I'm a craft fanatic. I love custom things, and making my own things. I've loved Pokemon ever since I can remember, and would smuggle off my brothers cards until my mom bought me my own! :D The first card my brother let me have was dratini, which I guess is where my love for the Dragonite line comes from. ;o he's so cool bro. My first pokemon games were the Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald games. IM A STEVEN STONE / Diago fan girl. Make me custom merch of him >:L. XD That's it for me.

I need... a.. Dragonite Pokedoll! >O< I know they are usually kind of expensive. I'd like one, but wouldn't like spending over about 40-50 for it. Though I guess a price is a price -3- It doesn't have to have a tag still, and can be a little loved. Just please no so loved it's going to fall apart. XD Or any other plush like dragonite I dont seem to have. Like the keychain mascot! 8'D -shot- thats hard to get. XD and would probably make me poor so no. Pokedoll will do fine.
I'm really nice and would like to make friends? <: bye.
TL;DR Dragonites rule Bl
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