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I love Retsuden Stamps!

Hi everyone! I've got a small collection update to share today, focusing on:

Retsuden Stamps!

I only aim to get plush and figures for most of the Pokemon I collect, but I love Retsuden stamps! Why? Maybe it's because they're all a consistent size and shape, and are great for display! I actually rarely use the stamp part, but that's fun too!

Anyway, today I want to walk through my collections and look at all the Retsuden stamps. Let's start with the dragon types! I (somewhat) recently made it a goal of mine to get at least one Retsuden stamp for each dragon type. If they have more than one, I'll get the rest if I see a chance, but I'm not hardcore about it unless I'm hardcore about the Pokemon (like Dialga, obviously!)

Here's a tiny teaser of what's under the cut...

First up, the Dratini line!

Dragonite's stamp design is drastically different from the other two because he's a DP era stamp, and the others are from AG era. Most of the AG stamps are ridiculously hard to find, so I was really excited to get my hands on the two smaller dragons. Dragonite was easy to get when his (later DP) set came out, and there's probably an AG Dragonite too but I'm not too worried about it.

Kingdra has an AG Retsuden too - I don't think they made stamps like this before AG, so a lot of Kanto and Johto Pokemon are in the AG sets. I'm glad to be able to check this one off as done~

I feel really lucky to have both of these rare AG stamps! Flygon's sticker is a bit scratched up, but I don't really care, I'm just happy to have him ^_^

Altaria's stamp I used to have, but I gave it away to a friend before I decided to collect all the dragons ^_^; I'm on the lookout for another! But if you want to see what it looks like, here is a photo of my old dragon stamps.

Oh gosh! It's a Salamence!

In an auction for some other AG stamps, I received the set inserts for a bunch of AG Retsuden sets. This let me confirm that a lot of my favorite Pokemon (including Salamence's full evolution line and all of the Eeveelutions) did indeed get stamps. After watching the stamp auctions for a long time (years?) I saw other AG stamps pop up repeatedly, but no Salamence or any of the others were in there.

Finally, he (and the above Dratini) appeared in a GA! I was able to win and receive them without much trouble, and I'm super excited to have him in my collection finally. It's a big deal to me since Salamence is one of my top favorites (#3!) and Retsuden stamps are one of my favorite series.

Now, if I can only find Bagon and Shelgon!

I try to collect Latias and Latios as a pair, so it totally bugs me that I have Latias but not Latios! I shall find him someday...or maybe I'll be lucky and he'll get a stamp when the BW series gets to National Dex? That would help with a lot of these rare stamps actually...

Rayquaza I can mark as all done, unless he gets new stamps in the future! The AG stamp on the left is from a set that sold on YJ for over $500...Retsuden stamps and Espeons are serious business! Thankfully, I was able to buy Rayquaza from the winner for a tiny fraction of that. ^_^

I've got a bunch of these guys compared to most, eh? I think I'm missing just one - Gabite has a stamp in DP3. That set is reallllly difficult to find though, and I've only ever seen the set come up for sale once...and since I've already got the much easier to find later version, I'm not too obsessed about getting him. If you're wondering why I have so many Gible, I used to collect him much more than I do now, so I picked them up as they came out for the most part.

And of course I go for all the Dialga stamps <3 There might possibly be more of the stationery set stamps (those are the sparkly plastic ones) but these are all the ones I know about so far.
My only hunt here is for another DP3 stamp (that's the one with #104 on it) since mine is broken >_> But I'd much rather have a broken one than none at all.

In the course of getting all (?) of Dialga's stamps, I got a bunch of Palkia's too! He has just as many as Dialga, except maybe for the stationery ones, but I'm not very obsessed with getting them all. I'll grab them if I see them cheap~

I imagine that Giratina has many more stamps too, but I've got an Origin and Another Forme from the same set, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Draco Plate Arceus got a few cool things, but Retsuden stamps were not one of them. (It would be kind of silly if they were, since without colors, the plates all look the same!) Maybe I should get a regular Arceus stamp and recolor the sticker, like I've been planning to do with a pan sticker for years without actually doing it

And moving on to BW stamps, we have Axew and Fraxure! Even though I don't try to get all the stamps for most of these guys, I'll probably go for all of Axew's since it's easy enough to get them when they're coming out, as opposed to tracking down really rare AG stamps. Waiting for release on Haxorus!

Please give us a Druddigon stamp soon! <3

I didn't have to wait too long for Hydreigon's stamp, thanks to his role in this summer's movie! I anxiously await Deino and Zweilous stamps, and maybe more Hydreigon too!

I haven't been dedicated enough with these guys to get their stamps as they come out, so unless I can find more of them cheap, I'll probably stop here.~

Since Kyurem has a number of things announced, I won't be surprised if he gets a stamp sometime within the next several months!

That's it for dragon types, so let's move on to my other collections!

Jolteon T_T

To my knowledge, Jolteon has one Retsuden stamp, and it's in AG 5. That set also includes the rest of his (first and second gen) family. I've seen several Flareon, one Espeon (as mentioned above that went very very expensive), and never laid eyes on Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Umbreon. Since the set inserts for AG stamps don't have the stamp image, I don't know what pose it is, but I imagine it's my favorite one with the cute puppy eyes...

Excadrill has been getting a lot of merch lately, so maybe he'll appear in the next stamp set? Though I guess he was in this last one too...anyway, I'll get any that he comes out with, I love this guy!

Unsurprisingly My first BW collection, and one I have been keeping up with as I can! I plan to get all of her stamps as well. The left one is from the last DP set (from her movie, of course), and the right one is from the first BW set. Thanks for helping us bridge from one generation to the next, Zoroark~

That's it for now, but I hope to be able to update this post someday with new BW stamps, and old AG stamps that I get my hands on ^_^

To close, I'll ask you all: What Retsuden stamps do you have, and are there any you're hunting for? Comment with pictures of your Retsuden stamp collections, and/or your Retsuden stamp wants!
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