Buizel (a_wild_buizel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a few specific Buizel cards!

Hey guys,

I'm after 4 or 5 Buizel cards to finish off my collection! Here's a picture of what I need. The first one, with the gold snowflake, was part of the "Pokémon Countdown Calendar", released in October, 2008. Additionally, I believe the card on the far right has a Japanese version (Part of the Turtwig Half Deck expansion?), but I couldn't find a picture of it. :p It's the Japanese version of the card that I require.

I'm unsure about the bottom card in the image. I can't figure out if it was ever produced in reverse holo, so if anyone knows, let me know! :D

On that same note, how do you determine what cards have reverse holo versions? Bulbipedia only seems to show specific cards, but doesn't tell you if they have normal/reverse holo/holo/etc counterparts.

Thanks! :3
Tags: buizel, cards, wanted
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