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Um, hello there. (introduction post, collection & want list)

Hi, my name is Marissa. *shy wave* I'm a rather new Mewtwo collector - I've only been collecting for about a year, and it only recently evolved from a budget collection to a full-blown Mewtwo bedroom takeover. XD

I've been lurking this LJ community off and on since I started collecting, and only made an account recently. But after seeing how nice you all seem, I want to jump right in and start interacting with other collectors. :)

I've amassed a pretty large Pokemon collection in the last 11 years, and I'll show a snippet of it after the cut (as well as my Mewtwo collection, of course).

This is Fiona, your tour guide through my collection. <3
General Pokemon plushes

These are some of the plushes that live on my bed.

General Figures

One storage box worth of my old figures. I have NO idea how many I've got in total, hidden throughout my house.


~Le me wearing my lovely custom Mewtwo hat. :3

Like I said, my collection is still small, but it's growing in size everyday (I've already bought some stuff from you guys and plan to buy lots more!) Combine that with Ebay and Yahoo Japan and...yeah...goodbye paycheck...haha.


Right now there are three Mewtwo items that I would really like (but are way out of my price range, unfortunately). The UFO Mewtwo plush on the left because it's so darn cute, the giant Mewtwo (almost 2 feet tall) in the upper right, and the remote control Mewtwo in the bottom right are the things I want most right now. <3

Oh, I almost forgot! Close-ups of every item in my collection can be found on my blog:, where I chronicle all my new finds. :D

Well that's quite enough for now. Until next time, I'm excited to get to know everyone here. :)

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