diamond_dust_xo (diamond_dust_xo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Official Pokeblock Holder Question!

Good evening everyone! ^__^

I was curious if anyone knows how much this Pokeblock case/holder is worth? They are both official Tomy releases!

I have two of them; the yellow one and the blue one. They say Tomy 2003 on the sides. The Pokeball on the top clicks so that you can put candies ( or Pokeblocks of course) inside! They are super cute:) I was just wondering what they are worth. I spent a few minutes browsing the internet and couldn't find any information about them, and not even one picture!! So I was thinking that they might be pretty rare. I think these would be perfect for someone cosplaying as May.. xD

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!! :D
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