Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

It's Sunday, and you know what that means! (Actually, if you noticed last weekend I forgot to post PotW...)

DOUBLE Pokemon of the week! (All the way across the comm!!)

This week's pokemon ARE:

#305, Lairon!

and #315, Roselia!!

This includes all other pokemon within Lairon and Roselia's family! (How funny, the two random numbers drawn were only 10 away from each other!) Please share your collections, photos and stories about our featured pokemon!! Pictures make everything more fun, and imagine someday when a Aron collector needs an idea of what kind of merch is out their for their pokemon. :) Even if you only have one thing, take a picture anyway! Show your love for these pokemon!!

Until next time! :D
Tags: aggron, aron, budew, lairon, roselia, roserade, theme
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