gallade007 (gallade007) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Holy grail get!

This week my very first grail arrived! I still can't believe I got it...

It was also the very first Noppin box I recieved. :D It was amazing to use a middleman-service, now I know what kind of rare items I can get.<3
But back to the grail! It arrived in this big box..

And here it is........!!

The giant Tomy Deoxys plush!!! Isn't it just gorgeous? ;;
Of course I have more pic's! :D

The only 'problem' is that his eyes have soms cracks, I think due to age. But I don't realy care
for this plush. <3

When I first saw it on Noppin i couldn't believe my eyes, a HUGE Deoxys plush. There wasn't many info on him and he even wasn't on pokeplushproject. It is also unbelieveable I was the only bidder on him! o-o Shipping was a killer, but I still got it for a very 'cheap' price!^_^

And here's a picture of me and Deoxys for size reference and to end this post with. ;3
Have a nice day~

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