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I has a want!

Hey, guys!

A few wants -- please let me know if you want them! I'm happy to trade or purchase. I have lots of TOMYs, mini models, in-case and metal figures, so if you have a specific Pokemon in mind I'm happy to see what I have. Otherwise, I have some Pokedolls and zukan I might be able to part with (none Isshu or newer), so let me know if you're interested in that and I'll see what I can do.

1. I ship from/buy from USA 02135 and pay via PayPal (or trade)!
2. Sales permission circa 8/08 from denkimouse.
3. I reserve the right to decline offers.
4. I'm a painfully busy law student, so please pardon me if I take a day or so to get back to you! I will try to get back ASAP.

Also, any Pokemon household items (like plates/bowls/cups/chopsticks, bathroom items, etc) and any Gloom item listed on my Gloom wants page here!

I should finally be moved into my permanent apartment by next month, so once I get unpacked I'll try to collection update then. I have so many adorable customs to show off!! :]

EDIT: Hooray, I got the Chatot! :D I'm closed for offers at this point, except on Pokemon household items and my Gloom wants, which I always welcome. ♥
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