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My Collection - vol 1

Hey guys! Here are some pictures of my small but growing collection of Pokemon merch. I promised pictures of my Topps collection in my introduction post, and they are coming! I photographed my cards, but editing all the pictures for this post took a fair chunk of time + this post will be lengthy enough as is, so I'm saving them for my next post. They're also kind of awesome and deserve a post of their own. :)

The main focus of this post is on a Pokemon papercraft magazine I bought from Japan in 2001. I thought it might have been tossed out along the years, but it was stowed away with some of my brother's hockey cards, go figure! I was quite excited to see that my 13-year-old self (or younger siblings) hadn't decimated the magazine ten years ago. Pics of that and more under the cut. :)

My most recent get, what's lurking in the box?

It's Dittochu! ^_^

My kids so far. I only plan to collect Eeveelutions & Ditto (+ its transformations).

Charizaaaard! I'm debating whether or not to liberate this pen from its plastic prison and actually use it.

Meeeeew! A PEZ dispenser I recently found on a local online auction site. I bought the Bulbasaur mini gachapon machine from poliwhirl's group buy. I can't resist that sweet little guy's face! ;_;

Can you resist that? Thought so. View the larger image of this picture, you'll be glad you did.

Tins! The Chupa Chups tin is something I've had for 10+ years, and I store assorted minute mementoes in it. Shame I have none of the stickers that came with the pops left. :(

My Topps tins which I use for storing excess Topps cards. These are two of the five tins available in Series 2. There are also five Series 1 tins. I want to collect all ten. :)

The only Pokemon card I own that isn't Topps.

Papercraft time! I don't know any Japanese, so I can't help with the texts.

This poster is one of the two things that have been removed from the magazine. It's been quite loved, as you can see from the larger picture. :)

If you look to the right, you will notice I forgot to photograph the Charmander and Squirtle evolution lines (fuuuuu....). I blame the excitement of wanting to document this for you guys! If someone wants to see pictures of the page, let me know in the comments and I'll snap some.

Assembly instructions and usage tips!

The battle arena that is shown in this drawing is the one thing I did assemble (and lose).

That's all for now - I'll be back with my Topps update in the near future!
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