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Newbie Here!

Hey PokemonCollectors!
My username is FlammableLizard, but many people on the internet call me Coolio or Pineapple. C:

I am completely infatuated with Charizard, Flygon, Tyranitar, Shiny Pokemon (Especially Shiny Entei), and Haxorus among others, so I have a large variety of different Pokemon in my collection. The TCG and video games greatly influence my collection,
I've been working on my collection ever since Pokemon became popular in the US, and I like to think that I know a lot about the different types of merchandice.
My goals with collecting are to obtain all of my wants (of course) and to make some awesome new collector friends. :D

My collection is barfed all over my room, so I'll show the more organized bits of it now to make my post less boring.

To start off, here is the left half of the first shelf of the unit on the left in the overview picture. Ignore my Mario statue over there :D;;
Kids, jumbo cards, a mew bottle cap, and my Red and Gold boxes. C: Also coins line the edge of the shelf (I love TCG coins hnnng)

Some more kids, my small assortment of zukan, pins, more jumbo cards, Sapphire box, Mew stationary, and Pokemon House!

Start of the second shelf, TCG Tins, shiny beast zukans, deck boxes, and stamp cards.

More tins, deckboxes, Charizard puzzle, and art folio for Black and White

Boxes that hold my extras for each set (No, I didn't buy all of those boxes. At Pre-releases I ask my organizer for an empty box to put my cards in xD ), and more deck boxes

More tins, Burger King toys from the Diamond and Pearl promotion (I collected all of them, but the rest are boxed up)

More boxes on the next shelf

Some cool sleeves, deckboxes, and mini binders

Top of the bookshelf with some of my charizard figures (<3), other random tomies, and Pikachu bobble head.

10th anniversary Hasbro figures, some Jakks, foam pokeballs, DX Charizard UFO (adorned in festivities)

Next bookshelf! (Ignore Chibiterasu and Whale ^^' ) Mew and Pikachu pencil case (I have some PokeDoll charms in it, too lazy right now to take a picture |D ), Reshiram and Zekrom stuff, League patches, and Tomies

More Black and White merch, League Pins

10th anniversary pillows, Pikachu winter hat, and HG/SS boxes

More Pokemon Houses and Charizard and Blastiose Battle Launchers

The rest of my Pokemon Houses and coins in the silver container

In a small cubbie above my desk, my TFG figures, more kids, Charmander Tomies, Charmeleon 151 stamper, Cheebee Pikachu, and cutoms in the back made by me forever ago

New shelf above my bed with multiple older American figures and TCG tins

Continuation of above (Note the stack of balls *Shot*)

Shelf under the previous one, Hasbros and Jakks, Pokeball made of beads

Continuation of above, Hasbro talking Pikachu, Jakks, Hasbro Lugia and Chikorita

Plush (Mostly Pokedolls) on a shelf. I love all my plush eee <3

More of my plush on another shelf at the foot of my bed <3

... Man that's a lot of pictures @_@ I have more stuff to take pictures of, but I think the pictures I've got posted gives you guys the general gist of my collection.

I have a lot of recent plush on my bed, as well as all of the GBA and DS games with special edition systems to play them on. C: I'll probably do a video game collection later for those guys.

I'm not going to list all of my wants, but my highest wants that I've been searching for for many years are:

Charizard Zukan (Picture credited to lunarchik13, found with Google)

Shiny Charizard Hasbro Figure (Picture credited to RaichuHQ on Photobucket, found with Google)

Shiny Entei PokeDoll (Picture credited to BrianJapan)

Charizard Tomy Recall Plush (Picture credited to PokePlushProject)

I don't think I deserve to use the term "Grail" yet, but these two items are the closest I have to one:

Charizard Prototype plush of this proposed plush (Picture credited to PokePlushProject)
I know prototypes exist, I've seen many auctions for them, and I know that there was an auction for a prototype of this exact plush not so long ago. I'm very hopeful that there's another prototype of this plush out there. /dream

Tyranitar Large Pokemon Center Plush (Picture credited to RaichuHQ on Photobucket)
I fell in love with this plush when Pokemon USA had one for the kids to play with when Pokemon travelled across America for its 10th anniversary. Ever since I've lost every auction on eBay I've found for this plush. xD;; Still hopeful!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, guys! I hope to become a good addition to this fantastic community. C:
Tags: charizard, charmander, charmeleon, introductions, pokedolls, salamence, sceptile, tomy, tyranitar, wanted
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