Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i have closet-cleaning and collection weeding sales with some very quality goodies! most items super duper cheap! includes a ZEBRAIKA CHUPA!

my sales policies can be read here!

chupa zebraika MINT in its chupa ball. taking best offers 20$ or more. please offer in thread below! only taking offers until thursday EST time.

tomy figures, all mint, most in box. 5$ each, and 25$ for red gyarados.

clear pikachu MC with battrio from pokemon fan. 8$ for it all.

mint in box B/W goodies... 10$ each.

pokabu lot for 10$.

deluxe jakks zekrom and plamodel overdrive zekrom: 8$ each

zoroark movie pouch! 8$

sukui doll figures! 5$ each.

totally random stuff. the hard to see clear thing is a clear victini strap. 1-3$ per figure depending on what it is. snivy plush is 6$. if you offer 1$ on stuff it'd probably be best to take a handful, just to save on shipping, which would be around 3$ minimum or 4$ for a handful.

more totally random stuff from my non-electrics collections. 1-3$ each, even the bigger stuff.

think that's about it!

but PS: refresh and you might see the new easter-egg banner art....
also! taking link exchanges for POKEMON COLLECTION websites! if you've asked me before and it's not there i apologize :( i'm a bit scatterbrained all the times sometimes. i'll get'er done now :D
Tags: sales
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