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ga reminder and collection update! :3

Let's start with the reminder!
This GA I'm running ends next Monday. I'm going to be rather busy this week to post any reminder closer to the date other than on Sunday night, so I'll just do it now. :3

Just click on the photo to be transported. :D

Second is a collection update of a few cool things I've gotten these days :3

First of all, the eeveelu tins! Got these cuties from karoia who was kind enough to let me pay in two parts. ;_; So happy with them! They're so incredibly cute! And tiny. Don't forget the tiny part. I mean, I knew they were tiny, but somehow they end up being even tinier than I thought they'd be! XD Right now I have them each inside little bags to help keep the moisture out and hopefully that'll extend their life rust-free. :<.

Next up, welch's jars! Oooooh! My new love for pokemon related cups/plates/etc made me get these. X3

They're obviously used and a little discolored in places, but I love them just the same. I'm also in search of the ones I'm missing, if anyone's selling any.

Going with the previous theme, a cup from the New York Pokemon Center. X3 I got this one on ebay. It's so cute. And it goes with the sticker I got of the same design from noxxbunny

And the bottom seal:

Next, this poster has been waiting for me to hang it up for a while now, so I moved the Mystery Dungeon up, and put the Ho-Oh/Lugia one under it. X3 It's so purty~!

Have I mentioned my love for TFGs and bottle caps, so here's the photos of the newly acquired, along with new flareon things, etc. XD

Now, these pins I got from ebay in which the seller claimed that they are preorder items from the original Gold and Silver games. And while I have no idea if it's true or not, no one can blame me for getting them. XD They're quite gorgeous. :3 I also had a mishap with these, since they are actually the second pair the seller sent to me since the mailman delivered the first one to who-knows-where, and the ones who got them never came forth to return them. :\ So sad when people do that, but oh well. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. :3

N deck sleeve. <3

Did I mention flareons? I did! But you didn't see any, right? XD Here we go with the flareons then! :D

This last one is a pretty gorgeous card, and when my sister saw it, she instantly loved it. She asked me to check if anyone is selling an eevee and/or raichu one of this set. So if anyone has one and is willing to sell it to me, please let me know! She'd really love it.

Now! What's left in this update? Plushies!

And one last photo of all my pokedolls (minus weavile who's nice and comfty in the hammock X3):

There are two or three booties in there, but I don't mind as much. :3 They're all precious to me.

Thanks for viewing! :D
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