mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Movie Bottlecap GB is In & Auction Reminder

It is IN~

To those who participated I would like to know if you would like your sticker of the figure(s) you bought.
Also would anyone want the case they came in?
And lastly, anyone want my Darkrai sticker? I'm not a big sticker fan - w-;

Once you comment that you confirm that you saw this and if you'd like your sticker I'll give you your payment #2. Please also confirm your location/country please :3

And there is only about 24 hours left for offers/auction on my Houndour Zukan Piece in my sales:

Click the banner to go there :3

Also anything that isn't sold within the coming week is being put on ebay. I need the money and I am tired of having this box in my room - w-;


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