Chrissy 'Fluffbutt' (tyltalis) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'

A Fluffy Custom Plush Update

Alright, I just couldn't hold out any longer. Expect a bigger update of everything when I get my 3 final plush I'm waiting on hopefully toward the end of the month, but for now here are some amazing custom plush that have made it into my collection. Featured artists include the ever talented Junolover, the oh-so cute Usakochan, the down under girl Pannsie and the mysterious Atateatarin.

First and foremost, please do not spam these lovely artists asking for commissions. I believe the only one who is open is pannsie and she has lots of work with school, so her schedule is very tight. Usako does Rush! Plush auctions about once every few months, so be on the look out for those. Junolover is closed for plush commissions, but that shouldn't be any reason not to visit her DA account and check out her amazing animations. Atateatarin also does cel style customs, though I believe her queue is full as well.

For size comparison, my monitor is approximately 23.6'' wide, and 16'' high. The little Swablu pokedoll (by LonePichu, is about 4'' tall). Please don't mind my messy desk! :D

First up, the amazing Baby 'taria! Baby 'taria is by atateatarin. Baby 'taria is modeled after Gin's Baby Zapdos, with both plush and sculpted parts. She measures over a foot long and over a foot tall. Her head feathers are somewhat pose able as well.

The next plush featured is one from junolover, a plush who was featured on her DA account and then put back into storage. She is one of my absolute favorites and is also my travel buddy. She comes down to the beach with me on a regular basis. :) She also included my signature pink scarf on my plush.. without me saying anything. I was so surprised when I got her! ;o;

Third is the adorable little Pokemon Time Altaria by pannsie. This plush was actually done before the announcement of Swablu being featured in the October. She is a little smaller than a pokedoll, but twice as cute. She's made from fuzzy minky and features the cute Pokemon Time style face.

Finally, my huge package from usakochan arrived today, which included a bunch of things I've been eagerly waiting for! Here is my Rush! Plush slot (the big one) result, a very big Altaria. I was so surprised by how big she turned out (I expected her to be about half this size), but she is massive.

Also inside the package were some cute tail charms! Featuring both Swablu and Altaria. Last but certainly not least is the cutest little Altaria you ever did see! Usako was kind enough to take a tiny request with the rest of my order and made this adorable little cellphone charm. That way I can always have a fluff bird with me wherever I go.

I want to thank every one of these artists for adding such wonderful pieces to my collection. Custom artists are what drive me to keep collecting when I feel as if there is little merchandise left of my favorite fluffbirds. Look for a complete collection update coming hopefully at the end of the month, featuring a few more very special plush, months in the making, as well as all the other little customs I've managed to accumulate.
Tags: altaria, collection, custom, swablu
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