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My anniversary! and anniv commissions C:

Wow guys, still can't believe it's been a year since my first post!
It's been a fun year, i've learned a lot, spent a lot, and practiced my English a lot too C: (psst, guess my real language and get freebies with your order)
All in all, i can't say i regret joining the comm AT ALL. I owe you guys the collection site i was going to make, but i owe a lot of other things first xD University for example! also the fact that my BF has more than half of my collection (ingluding giant Dialga and Palkia) doesn't help much...

I never imagined i was going to call myself a 'pokémon collector'.Never EVER. But it's so fun! i never imagined it would be so good C: i look at my shelves/storage tins and boxes and each item has a nice story behind it, i just love to look at them and think of all the travelling the figures and plush have done for me!

And because i was feeling happy, i now feel like making stickers C: i have money to ship things, so they will go out late this week/early next week with some other things i have to ship~

Have a preview (sorry my scanner is not working):

(this last one is one ofmy favourites EVER.)
Here you can see older examples as well:

So you may wonder about my rules!
-I ship from Argentina as "simple letter". It's fast, simple, and cheap.
-Payments are done by paypal
-These are finished in a few hours, so (unless you commission me for 4 sheets of 8 like someone once did xD) they can be shipped promptly!
-Minimum purchase is $5 (because shipping is an extra $5)


These are the two sizes available (kids for size reference!)
The sheet is the one on the right, the other one is half a sheet.
Bigger stickers: $3 each
Sheet of bigger stickers (x4): $10

Smaller stickers: $2 each
Sheet of smaller stickers (x8): $15

Slots (this is important xD if they are all taken for less than a sheet each i'll open more)
1-havvaiibabe DONE! about to ship~
2-nasija DONE! about to ship~
3-dragonrider49 DONE! about to ship~
4-forest_snivy DONE! about to ship~

Let me know if you have any other doubt! thanks for looking (:

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