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Postcard pick ups?

Hi there people!

I apologize for posting this fast, as my post is still on the front page (will remove if needed), but today I came to another find! While I was searching for TY plushies in my Tescos (yes, we have A LOT of Tescos in Slovakia) with no luck, I went to other toy stores while finding these cute postcards again!

(the camera must hate Ash...nevermind I did a sucky photo..)
By again, I mean that I have found these once and purchasing only some, and then regretted not getting all of them. Now I have found one toy store, which has even more of these and even more kind! Click on the pictures to see bigger photos. There are some Pokemon on them that you might like! :)

These postcards are old, but originals and copyrighted by Nintendo from 1999 and were made in Korea, here are photos of the backs and from near all the copyrights:

I was thinking that for pick ups, how does 4.50$ SHIPPED anywhere in the world, fees included sound (in a regular envelope, if you would like in a bubble mailer, please let me know, but it will affect shipping)? Just let me know please, I am also willing to haggle! I would do it that you would send me payments right away and i will do the pickups tomorrow and send them out on Friday!

Oh, and forgot to include that I got sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March :)

Thank you! <3
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