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Reintroduction & update

Greetings well I gotta say I've been alittle lazy lately with posting anything but I'm back and with new stuff I've over the summer and this fall.But first to introduction myself I'm pikachux but real name Marcus.I'm a artist I love drawing Pokemon and my own characters I'm also autistic(just throwing that out there). I've been with Pokemon since to very beginning in 1998. But I knew about Pokemon before it even came to the US after reading about the porygon seizure incident in 1997 in Japan. My favorite Pokemon to collect is of course Pikachu (judging by my username) also love collecting any of the starters mostly the BW ones at the moment and any other ones like Riolu,Scaggy or Pansage.But now let's see what we got here my friends.

  First off we have Pikachu & Oshawott plush keychain clips.I got Pikachu from a Spencer's
and Oshawott from Ebay and these guys are big,soft &cute

size comparison with Jakks Pikachu  (man keychain Pikachu is big)

Same here with Oshawott it great to see some oshawott plushes with smiles

Next up we have this lovely bento bag

Next this small tote bag I got from nanoplasm (cutest group shot ever)

Next these awesome notebook & pencil board from the lovely Gin aka denkimouse

Hmmm...I wonder what this could be?

Yep you guessed it the Pikachu DS charge stand I got him at Toys R Us for
$15.00?! yep prices for these guys went down big time plus he was also on sale

Next this big Pikachu plush that a good friend of mine won for me at Bush Gardens
she's awesome for doing that for me plus this plush looks well made and not cheap

compare him with the charge stand and stand comes up a little short

Now for something old school the Pokemon Power inserts from Nintendo power
I finally got my hands on all of them beileve me it was hell getting these from ebay
cause everytime I bidded on these I was always outbided at the last minute but this time I was lucky
all six are in great shape besides a few little tears but  they're awesome

thanks for viewing
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