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Moar Beanie Babies for sale!

Hi everyone! After seeing some of the other posts here, I went on a mildly insane Tesco trawl around Edinburgh and came up with some more Beanie Babies! Yay! I'm so happy that the UK is getting some really fun items. They are so soft and have a nice weight to them too. I've already picked out what I would like to keep, so the rest are for sale!

♥ Information and Rules ♥
- Sales permission was granted by lineaalba on 18/8/2010
- I ship from the UK using Royal Mail and I'm more than happy to ship internationally.
- Prices given do not include insurance, so if you would like insurance please ask. I always retain proof of postage and will do my best to help with any problems.
- I accept payment by paypal only at deniseharerobertson(at)googlemail(dot)com
- All prices are in US dollars.
- I'm happy to hold items for 24 hours, after that they will unfortunately go back up for sale.
- Please comment rather than pm if you'd like to buy to confirm what you would like is still available.
- Items are coming from a smoke free home. I have got guinea pigs and parrots, but they don't get to play with Pokemon!

Up for sale:
Snivys: Sold Out!
Tepig: 1 available!
Oshawott: Sold Out!
Pikachu: Sold Out!
Pansage: 2 available!
Axew: 2 available!

I've got all inclusive prices including shipping, packaging & fees for 1, 2 or 3 beanies, any more than that I'll have to figure out on demand! Prices are for shipping in a padded mailer, if you would like me to ship in something different please let me know so I can work it out for you :D

International Shipping outwith the EU by airmail:
1 Beanie: $15.75
2 Beanies: $29.20
3 Beanies: $42.00

International Shipping within the EU by airmail:
1 Beanie: $14.60
2 Beanies: $22.60
3 Beanies: $38.50

UK shipping (First class post, please ask if you would like 2nd class as it works out a bit better! As it stands shipping 1 beanie first class within the UK is more expensive than to the EU with airmail.):
1 Beanie: $14.60
2 Beanies: $26.40
3 Beanies: $37.40

That's it! Comment if you would like anything, I work 9am to 4pm GMT so I might be a bit slow to reply during those times and also after midnight GMT as I'll be asleep ;) I'll do my best to get back to anyone quickly though!
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