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3 Grail Gets in one week, Identifications, Etc.

*also has anyone heard from jess111303? ive been trying to contact them for a while now for a partical trade, sent my half but havent heard anything back from them in almost  a week+ :S*

hmmmmm what could they be? *sorry guys this post is a week late Xp*

fffffffff ;w; <333 t-this! i have no words to express how estatic i was when I recieved this! <33  Linoone has barely any merchandise already so i was so happy when i found out about this figure and even more so when denki placed them up for auction. I got into a bid war over this lucky gal but i can say i do not regret spending a single penny on this baby <3

*glamor shots of this stunngly lovely gorgeous figure* <33333

she's so well made and her paint job is so well done for such a small figure!!! she is definatly my favorite figure of her in my linoone collection <3 i absolutly love her pose! its so unique and i love how they made her cute little paws and claws! and this is the adorable container she came in! <33 :D fjalfkdjfalj so cute!

next up on my grail-gets; I've been looking for these babies for almost 2 years if not longer, ive been looking for them or even just one of them since the johto charms were released and they never popped up, never saw them for sale, or even found anyone who could get me them, the night Jumou placed her sales post i happened to get on one more time before going off to bed and completely freaked out when i saw them on her sales post. *and i mean i broke down bawling and couldnt even utter anything besides oh my god, ended up calling my boyfriend past 12 o clock waking him up and making him panic thinking something was wrong XD* but i finally have them and i am still speechless that i have them. i keep thinking im dreaming. but here they are <3

afjdlkfjalfjeojaoija so small and cute and just amazingly spectacular!! thank you thank you thank you J!!! i know ive told you at least 20X+ but i honestly cant thank you enough for these guys!!! <33 ;A; <33

*takes a deep breath* ok ok im calm ..for now lol. anyways this hanky; ive been looking for it since i actually joined way back in late 2009 early 2010,  even tho it was more casual looking. hawaii babe ended up GA a members sales post and this guy was in it, its huge i thought it was regular size for a hanky. no its like twice the size XD

does anyone see why i wanted this? no?

how about now?

yay furret!! and a few others i really love (i really like all the johto pokemon XD) sandshrew!

NOWWWWW for my first year anniversary with my bf (cyndaquil_lover) *he's not the most active on here lol* theres actually a cute story about the plush we got each other. I've been debating on getting  a vappy plush for a while now (about a few months) and had seen a few auctions up for sale with one, we'll bloohyena had a mukrow plush i wanted to see if she would trade and wanted to check on the vappy price to know what to save for. welllll i saw my bf's name as the higest bidder in the thread, tried to ignore it so it wouldnt ruin any suprises if he did win it, ended up telling me the day of the auction ending that he got me my gift, im very hard to suprise unfortauntly and realized he had won the vappy plush for me Xp so i asked bloohyena if she would sell me her umbreon canvas that she also had up for auction that didnt get any bids. she said yes so i was reallly happy to get him his favorite eeveelution when he got me mine <3
and the reason vappy is in some roses is because he also got me flowers >////U////> <3

Typhoon and Gekko

They're so small and portable!!! <3 so happy with our gets!! <33
Typhoon and I

Gekko and Bakphoon-kun <3

Other Gets:
pokemon related gets for nick c:

my gets: *not all are from him i combined my gets from the same week with these images c:*

FERRET/WEASEL *and mermaid fish* KIDS!

kabutos are actually my bf's c: *he likes fossil pokes :D*

ANOTHER GET AND A QUESTION ABOUT THIS FELLA! <3 can anyone read SeaStorm's tag for me? i cant read japanese D: im really interested in the back side of the tag! it looks like something i can download on my phone possibly? or maybe its only for japanese phones? :S

can anyone translate this? *especially the part in yellow :O*

all my gets together: * i also got a quilava tcg card i traded for but i had already taken my photos by then :'D;;*

im really interested in this one!

i also know there is a running linoone figure? is it tomy? does anyone have a picture that i could use for wants?

thanks everyone look out for my small sales post within the next few days ive gotten some johto stickers! and i hope to be posting my commissions and collection website up within the next few weeks! my computer is really slow so its hard to upload photos quickly Xp

also thanks to everyone who helped me get the items in this post! <3
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