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update and quick sales

Didn't want to make a generic "Target find" post but here I am making a generic "Target find" post anyway because, heck, I'M HAPPY and I'm gonna have to share my joy with you. For compelling reasons, and those being:

DRILLBUR. AXEW. TEPIG. Granted, already had Tepig but I've never seen another at my local Target, so counting myself very lucky to have been able to pick him up. But DRILLBUR and his buddies, I never expected to see in my store. I've been anticipating that set since July, since before that even, and I've been disappointed month after month of checking Target with no results.

Then yesterday,  I somehow ended up in Target, and walked to toys automatically after I grabbed some other things. Something else was on my mind, I wasn't thinking about Pokemon too hard, in case I'd be let down again. Then, out of the blue, there they were - no less than THREE little Drillbur noses, pointing at at me. I was so surprised! I brought Drillbur and Axew home.

This makes my White team in baby form - Emboar, Excadrill, Haxorus, Wargle. Now, if only Jakks would make a Rufflet to match. Anyway, I am stoked because I love Drillbur, and I love this plush. The new Jakks are pastel-ish and super soft. The lines are Drillbur are also really neat! There's something hard in his claws that make them stand, which is new, but fun. Of course, it always looks like he's whacking the other Pokemon over the head. But that's okay!

They also had three spring deerlings, one throw-ball woobat, ash/pikachu figure, and several of the new figures including pansage. If YOU'RE interested in any of those pokemon I saw, or would like me to check if they have something, just let me know and we can work something out (my feedback is here). I would like to help all I can anyone who is looking for Pokemon from this set.

Now, I also have some things for quick sale, including a Pokemon Black version~

Jakks Munna Plush - - $6.00. I picked her up from Target awhile back intending to sell. She's new other than having been in my closet. However, my dad took off the tag for me 'cause he thought he was doing me a favor. Not really, as I already have a Munna of my own. So she will come with tag unattached.
Pikachu, Zorua, and Zoroark - - $2.00 each. McDonald's toys.
Victini Bottlecap - - $4.00. From the promotional card set. This one has a white base.
Jakks Dialga - - $3.00. Has only been on display. Looks great on top of clocks?
Jakks Skymin Plush - - $3.00? No tag. In good condition except for the fact that his red felt cape thing, which is one piece, has come apart into two pieces. It should be easily regluable if you want, but it isn't very dramatic.
Pokemon Black Version - - $24.00. Practically new. I've only played it up to Castelia City. I don't really have time to play any further, so hopefully this can go into better hands!

Old Stuff - - -

Jakks Meowth is $3.00.
Magargo kid, Machamp tomy, and Poliwrath tomy are $1.50 each.
Hasbro Duskull keychain and Giratina-O Tomy keychain are $2.00 each. May be slightly worn.

Please follow all my rules as listed HERE. As a side note, shipping will usually be $2.80. How it breaks down is 70 -80 cents for the envelope, about $1.80 to ship, and the rest goes toward the paypal fee.

Thank you for looking through!

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