Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Tesco Pokemon TY Beanie Baby Pick Up! (Limited spots)

Hi folks! This afternoon I am going to a Tesco, the second biggest Tesco in Europe! So hopefully they will have some lovely Pokemon TY Beanies for sale! If they don't, I will be checking two other huge stores this week!
Sales permission granted in June 2011 by [info]dakajojo

Each Beanie will be $10 which includes Paypal and conversion fees. 
Postage will likely be about $3 for one beanie to outside of Europe, which includes packaging.
Postage inside Europe will be about $2.50, which includes packaging.

Okay guys, at this point there are well over 20 beanies on order, so financially I probably can't cope with many more beanies tomorrow, if we find enough to fill your orders.
I can continue to take requests, but from this point, we will be looking next week. Though if you want a Pansage, you stand a good chance, as nobody so far has wanted Pansage.
I'll keep in touch with anyone who posts and does not get their beanie, until you have the ones you want, one way or another.

Ready to post? Copy this into your post and make my life easier:
1. Beanie(s) wanted:
2. 2nd choice of beanie(s) if 1st is unavailable?
3. Do you only want me to collect if ALL of your picked beanies are available? (e.g: if you want Pikachu, Tepig and Snivy, and I can only find Snivy, what do I do?)
4. Would you accept a damaged/missing paper tag if the beanie itself is mint condition?

- I need payment as soon as I confirm I've collected your beanie.  The only exception is if I have sold to you before.
- If you cannot pay within 24hr after I collect a beanie for you, then I will leave you a negative feedback for wasting my money! I will also sell your beanie to someone else!
- First come, first serve. So if the person before you wants Pikachu, and you want a full set, if the shop only has one Pikachu, they would get the Pikachu.
- I may accept a trade, but unless I agree on a trade BEFORE going to pick up the beanies, don't bank on it! I don't need to get home and find out you were expecting me to trade for something I hadn't read about, and have no money.
- I will let you know either way, and give you the open of a later pick up if there aren't enough plush today.

Tags: axew, oshawott, pansage, pikachu, plush, snivy, tepig
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