Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More wants~

This is going to hurt. aha~ Here is what I need from the latest two expansions... No idea what current prices are, but last expansions' full art cards ranged about 40$ each. I guess I'm willing to put that up on each this round too. Saw EX cards at 10$, and Regi is ugly, so unwilling to pay as much for it :O

Hail Blizzard
-Regigigas EX (low want)
-Kyurem Full-art

-Groudon Full-art

Psycho Drive
-Mewtwo EX
-Level Ball
-Shaymin EX Full-Art
-Kyogre EX Full-Art
-Mewtwo EX Full-Art

As always, my TCG wants from earlier expansions..

BW1 alomomola Here is the art I want, except I do need the Japanese one~
Team Rocket Returns: Rocket's Suicune EX (willing to pay 23$ for english, 30 for japanese)

Still looking for Booster foils:
-Legendary Collection (have the one with Mewto/Machamp/Alakazam trio)
-Neo Genesis

-japanese boosters (Neo 3 + onwards. Up to the Temple of Anger expansion)

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