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Quick update + wants

Here's a small update on my collection, partially featuring my TCG collection. =3=

A couple of days ago I get some mail for me! =D And within:

The cards I purchased from caffwin arrived! Jungle Holo Kangaskhan, Fossil Holo Moltres and Base Holo Chansey!

Here they are in the folder:

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a show up in the city and there was a Pokemon Showbag. I went around the different stands that were selling it just to get this little fella:

They were also selling larger ones for $20, but I didn't end up getting one.

And some may remember from my previous update about this thing that I got, and I didn't really know what secrets it held:

Well a couple of users told me that it was a bath bomb, and a little figure is hidden inside it. So I used it and I got a...

Zekrom. Exactly what I wanted! =D

And for wants:
Any Joltik and Galvantula merchandise, kids, pan stickers, whatever. Anything to do with the disgustingly cute thunder-bug.
Coro Coro Magazine issues: January, February and March 2004 - apparently they have the Pokemon Snatcher Leo manga that I've been itching to get my hands on.

It will be about a month before I can scrape some cash together to purchase my wants, but I am interested in working out how much I'd have to pay for them.

Thanks for reading! =)
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