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Magnet GA is in! + more sales

A box full of magnets arrived today! Aren't they beautiful? <3

And that means its time for the payment 2!

Since I think an envelope is just enough for shipping just a magnet or two and it's cheaper, I have provided two different shipping options: an envelope and a bubble mailer. Bigger amounts of stuff are of course safer in a bubble mailer... But it's your choice, just send whichever amount you'd like. :3

Please send all payments to lore_poke @ hotmail.com !
And in the memo, please include your username, the magnets you won and if you want an envelope or a bubble mailer. Thanks!

corvyie and leporidae_bun, I still haven't received your payment 1 so your payment 2 includes that, too. Please pay as soon as possible!

And there's still time to combine your magnets with stuff from my SALES POST or the new sales below! Just tell me what you'd like and I'll give you a new total. :3

And now that that's done... Yes, I found more stuff lying around, so it's sales time again!
And by the way, all the previous orders have now been shipped :3

- sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only
- feel free to haggle :3
- feedback thread here

Pan stickers - $2 each
Sold: Two Marills in the middle, Heracross, Lugia

Sealed Arceus pack - $10 OBO
Includes a Battrio coin and a Japanese card, I tried to peek in and it seems to be the card shown in the upper right corner of the backside
pic of the backside
Small Squirtle metal tin - $5
Who's that Pokemon? things - $5 each
I don't even know what these are. When you press the button on top, the pictures start rolling like in a slot machine and when it stops it shows a pair of 1st generation Pokemon on this side and their silhouettes on the backside. Each of them has 12 pairs of Pokemon.
Blue: Golbat, Oddish, Blastoise, Haunter, Chansey, Squirtle, Venusaur, Gyarados and others
Orange: Vulpix, Dragonair, Mewtwo, Zubat, Electabuzz, Arcanine, Vileplume and others

Green: Dratini, Ninetales, Nidoqueen, Lapras, Ditto, Growlithe, Jolteon and others
Pink: Poliwag, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Charizard, Gloom, Pikachu, Persian, Gengar and others
Feel free to ask about the other Pokemon!

Very old sticker sheets
They're definitely not mint, some stickers are missing and some are trying to come off, but they're still very pretty!
Complete electric/dragon/fighting - $8
Electric/dragon/fighting with one sticker missing - $7
Others - $5 each

Magnets - $2 each
Sold: Cherrim

More magnets - $3 each

And I still have lots of movie bottlecaps left!
Mew: $20 shipped
Pikachu x4, Munchlax x4, Swellow, Bonsly x5, Weavile x4: $5 shipped each
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