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Cute, squishy Oshawott! <3 + small update

This is super late but I got my Korean Oshawott a few weeks ago from gleameyesluxray! This is the same Osahwott plushie that she mentioned a while ago. And I must say, he's really cute and fluffy and I love him! 

Here's the talking Osahwott plushie [which I also got the following day] and the Korean one [right]! They're both very soft, chubby, squishy and so adorable ~

My Oshawott collection, still waiting for a few more to arrive here!

Here's him being silly~

He is super soft... Made outta a minky material and very chubby! I love him to death and unlike the other Oshawott plushies, he sleeps in bed with me. <3 Best part? My boyfriend got him for me for 29 dollars from gleameyesluxray! He's worth the money if you're looking to add an Oshawott to your collection and he's around 9 inches tall. I was really shocked to find the price for him, considering his size.

You can find my review on him here. Once again... Thank you so much, gleameyesluxray for helping me out! I am looking forward to buying more plushies from here when I get the chance~ Oh and I'll doing another update on my plushie collection once all the plushies I bidded on gets here~!
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