pumpki3 (pumpki3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

*big collection update* + sales reminder!

hi everyone! I have quite a big collection update to share...lots of new plushies that's for sure! :D

(a small preview of my updated display)

minky squirtle pokedoll! so soft and cute ^^

love its cute little butt tag!

Pichu car seat head rest, I really want the Teddiursa from this set

Squirtle Squad kid for my bf which he loves X3

brand new christmas plush! I love the the pichu/pikas as snowmen!!!

i can't get enough of Teddiursa!! too cute XD bought this from the wonderful killmeneko

this is my first eevee item! i tried resisting for a longgg time. but it finally got to me T^T

i love its side profile, everything is so round!

pikachu pokedoll charm! are they suppose to say something on the back? mine is just blank ?_? no trademark or anything?

random candy that I got...the bird is kinda scary looking. if it's not obvious by now I only collect cute pokemon and this doesn't really fit haha =.="

pokedolls from japan!! i'm really hoping for a darumakka pokedoll *crosses fingers*

Now for my displays:

this one kinda sucks because I have lots of other things squished in....can you see all the hidden pokemons? :D

this is my other display...i need a new one asap!! they're gonna topple over soon!

and finally...a sales reminder!! I've lowered some prices & they all include shipping to the US!
visit my sales post here!
Tags: collection, eevee, emolga, kids, mienfoo, pichu, pikachu, plush, pokedolls, sales, squirtle, teddiursa
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