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Is this seller legit?

Normally I don't do posts like this, but since it deals with an item that is essentially one of my top wanted items (So much so I consider it a sort of grail) But I would like to know if the seller emiii0_3 on Ebay is legit or not. They seem to have recently posted a lot of old school Japanese pokemon figures, including the one I have been after for a while.

So has anybody here had dealings with them? 

Also if they are legit then I will provide a link to the item, as they have managed to find multiples of it and it being a pretty rare item I'm sure there are other collectors of this guy that would like one for their very own.

Well Nevermind XD  I mentioned them and then suddenly they started selling out. So I decided to go for it and am glad I did since right after I bought mine, the last one sold.

If you want to know what it was, it was this bad boy X3

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