Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

plamo news!

First of all: TOMORROW BEGINS THE SHORTEST CONTEST EVER ON THE COMMUNITY!! You'll have 15 days to make your Halloween Contest Entry -- how many will do it in time?!?! THIS IS YOUR ONE DAY HEAD START! :D

I really am sorry guys, for not starting it a month in advance like usual. What a crazy autumn it has been so far in my neck of the woods. Holiday contests and hopefully another in later winter/early spring will go according to plan :D I want to keep continuing the Guess the Pokedoll contests too but it seems to have become a "just say three Pokemon names and you might be right but probably not". Still, people seem to have fun anyway. What do you guys think about it?

Anyway, Plamo news!!!

December: Kyurem with real clear plastic bits! We knew about him.
January: SAZANDORA EVO LINE!! Amazing, unexpected, and incredibly difficult looking too... fun, fun fun!!
March: COBALION!!!! Any of us who have been sweeping entire sections of shelf clean with their arms in anticipation of some stuff of him can now cheer. It begins!!

Also special 100 limited metallic versions of Victini, Zeks and Resh.

By March we'll also know the stars of 2013's movie... sometimes the goods even begin coming out that early... OHHHHHHH WHAATTTT......


thanks to this blog for the pics and info!

PS: Oh right, on another note: THE "INFO" TAG IS FOR MERCH INFO AND NEWS... not for info on your personal stuff or regular sales posts... i have had to edit the tags of a lot of random things people put under "info". Keep it in mind please! D:

thanks guys!
Tags: cobalion, deino, hydreigon, info, reshiram, victini, zekrom, zweilous
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