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Reintro with a huge update and offers

Hello community!  I have been a member here for just over a year now and have a good update to show you all and with all the new faces the past few weeks I thought I'd reintro as well!
My name is Melissa but I tend to go by Middy.  Shortcake comes from a small joke way back in middleschool that just stuck.  I
 am a rat mama (though currently ratless RIP my babies) so the little Rat pokemon found his way into my life.  I branched out my collection with primaraly rodent based pokemon.  Rattata and Stunky were my main collections when I first started collecting with small sides of Lopunny/Bunneary and Plusle/Minun..but now 5th gen has fated my wallet to be forever empty when they came out with Victini.  The apple bunny has won my heart and being the Pokemon with the most merch out of my collections he has became my absolute main attraction, though I still love my purple angry rodents =D
I'm also a collector of "that is a cute/beautiful item I want it" merch so I've found myself buying pokedolls/kids/zukans of pokemon I don't seriously collect. so you'll see Larvitar, snubbull, lucario, Riolu, phanpy and others in there as well.

Please enjoy my collection update and some poor photoshop work of mine XD

My rodent shelf, some items have been packed for when I move into my own place.

Actually got this back in january from dewott  I absolutly love the artwork on this!   this is a year of the Rat Pokemon Center puzzle, It has been glued and framed forever to be loved on my wall!  Thanks so much again!

You might remember this hotplate recently being up for auction, well I LOST that auction but WON the knowledge that this item existed so I went on a hunt and found myself one!  Do you see my reason of purchase?

Not only is he smiling but his eyes are closed and he is using his since of ratty smell rather than ratty rage! LOVE THIS it is so nice!!

Flats/notso flat rat gets!  Forgive m I lost my paperwork on who I got some of thsese items from, so if you see an item you sold to me comment so I can give you vertual rat love!
the 151 pin (the art is so nice) a bottle cap, the marble, stickers and the Ratty-Squad rattata pin is by route22

A calander page with happy skunkbutt!!  I loved this smile so much that it was my insperation for a plush commission I won from pancakelulu and so this little guy was made!!

Isn't he precious!  I love this little guy!  Thanks again for making him pancakelulu !

Here he is chilin with some of my other customs friends made me/ordered along with the snubbull reverse plush..what are you doing there you dressy doggeh? XD

My new zukans, Unova starter, I love diorama zukans, Miju's water effect is beautiful!  The porygon line, Cyndiquil line, Seel line from the Ga mandysaurus_rex and I ran recently.

Some of my new Lucario gets though he is not a rodent I love his design and wanted some of my favorite items of him above is the bottlecap and below are the kids all regular.

Some new but not main collection plush gets.  Shinx pokedoll-american DX lopunny, Lucario Pokedoll MWT-japanese, Smergal tomy, Buizel open mouth plush, bunneary pokedoll-american

And now For the main attraction the Victinis!!!
Image found on HappylittleBento

Kid, clear kid, angry (tomy?) figure and the clipping figure.  Can badges on the right =3

Clear movie charm, duel movie charm and a pencil/pen top decoration.  On the right is the Stamp and Zukan, tis adorable!

Pika/Victini movie clip-gold Simply amazing!  and the buildable plane, I haven't put it together yet..I'm terrified I'll break it!

I got this tin from Gin, I love it! It is beautiful!  Once I saw victini I loved how it was based off bento apples and have had a few commissions with a victini around/on/holding apples and to find merch with victini and apples SQUUEE!  I know there is a clearfile with this image on it too, but until I have a goot way to display clearfiles I'm not going to get anymore of those  How to clearfile collectors show off theres!?

side veiws!

Left to right: 18"Tomy plush 1:1 Pocenter plush and Pokedoll.  The pokedoll I think is my favorite so soft so cute and she is the only one with a name..her name is APPLETINI!  AppleTini is going to be my poke-companion. I want more of these guys..when my allet recovers a little bit I plan to buy more pokedolls in bulk XD 

Left-Right: Dual Film plush 1, Pokecenter plush, Dual Film plush 2, Banprestro, smll Tomy, angry and normal MPC

Left to Right: Shiny bow plush, Shimmery Plush, 10" and 18" Banprestro Prize plush from a Claw machine I believe.

Two plush I thought I would have to wait and wait to get my hands on, but opprotunity showed itself and I snatched it! On the Left is the Lottery prize plush, Pikachu holding victini pokedoll, super well made and adorable!  On the right is the Talky plush, I love it!  It is amazinly soft and beautifully detailed.  She makes the cutest noises and she gets along really well with my Talky Pokabu!

Finally I have an item up for offers.  If you remember at the top of my post I was showing off my new Hotplate, well I won two hotplates and the other one I don't really want, so I will be taking offeres on it until next Friday at 11 pm.

Features Goldeen, squirtle, Totodile, Wigglytuff, NidoQueen and Pikachu Lovely art work in perfect mint condition, will come with Pokecenter box.  The box is a little bent but still a really nice box!
I received sales permission from dakajojo january 2011
I take Paypal only at this time and ship from Austin Texas and will ship worldwide but be AWARE of International shipping prices.
Offers start at $8 USD and offers do not include shipping/fees/packaging
Offer only what you can pay, backing out will not be tollerated and negative feedback will be left with a possible ban from my sales

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