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Collection update, questions, and WIP!

I think this was the coolest get I've gotten so far. Small backstory, my friend had the COOLEST Pokemon toys when were were little. We're talking all of the Japanese toys cool. (he's actually how I got my Tomys and Kids back then XD) He grow out of Pokemon, and all his stuff was given away by his parents. He was actually devastated because he wanted his Pokemon stuff.  He messages me one day and tells me that he found some stuff his parents didn't give away, and asks me if I wanted it. I said yes.
We have these 2 beautiful played with but in EXCELLENT condition toys. *A*!

I have no words in explaining how much I love this. IT'S SO AWESOME AND THERE'S A CYNDAQUIL ON IT. XD The pastel colours on it are so pretty.

Next we have this:

8D this is so cute.

Now we have more normal gets. :3

Reshiram+Victini plamo and Giratina preorder figure. ^^

My friend went to Japan in the summer and brought me back this large Walky Eevee (which I didn't even know were still in stock o_o") and a Emolga Pokedoll. >w<

This Audino is like a small version of the PokeCen Audino plush haha. Takara Tomy is  awesome.

Questions! (PS, I don't have sales permission yet!)
1. How much is a MWT Espeon canvas?
2. How much is a Reshiram Lotto figure worth? Would it be fair to trade the Reshiram for an Espeon canvas?
3. How much is this Cyndaquil plush worth? (mine has creases in its tag ><)
4. Does anyone have Pokemon gashapon machines they'd like to sell? Like these types.
Thank you!

I love Kaiyodo's Pokemon sculpts. The tfgs where cancelled. I like Espeon. This occurred.

An Espeon "tfg"! :) I used the image from this card for ref. Once my school gets a new kiln, he'll be fired and painted! ^___^
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